DownloadCloser - Download Manager Tab Closer

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DownloadCloser - Download Manager Tab Closer

Post by sulpherdragon » Wed Aug 26, 2009 3:38 am

DownloadCloser 1.1

For heavy internet users, download managers are a must. I have tried DAP and Getright, Flashget and Internet Download Manager.
None are perfect, but they get the job done. I'm using Internet Download Manager right now (It explicitly supports Avant, so I'm supporting it).

Anyway, After you select a ton of files to download, Avant trawls through the tabs requesting the files and IDM starts stealing the requests to handle the downloads as it should. This however leaves Avant distressed and the tab that requested the file freaks out and says "Navigation to the webpage was canceled". This plugin simply detects that page and closes it.

As shown in the attached pic, It can get messy if all the tabs aren't closed, this plugin closes your tabs once the downloads have been transferred to the download manager. This really doesn't make sense to turn into a button, so I only have an Auto-Exec plugin for download.

Bug Fixed 06:00 27/08/2009 - I managed to upload an old version by accident, there was a major code error that prevented it from working properly

[url=aba://]Download DownloadCloser Auto-Exec 1.1[/url]
[url=aba://]AutoInstall DownloadCloser Auto-Exec 1.1[/url]
Download Closer (AutoExec) v1.1
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