Requests for AB 11.1

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Requests for AB 11.1

Post by ADukes » Thu Sep 21, 2006 12:34 pm

  • Add "ActiveX", "Scripts" and "Java Applets" buttons to the "Standard Buttons" list (on the MASTER REQUEST/SUGGESTION LIST)
  • Additional supported icon formats (exe, dll) for the addon buttons.
  • Add "New Bookmark" and "Organize Bookmarks" buttons to the links bar, if the root for the links bar is changed.
  • Add "Show all subjects" to the RSS reader.
  • Customizeable FavIcons for the bookmarks and bookmark folders (I do not mean the skin change in the Skin Factory)
  • Drag & drop favorites to save (to Links or Favorites) (on the MASTER REQUEST/SUGGESTION LIST)
  • Add the context menu which the "Standard Buttons" and "Window Tabs" toolbars have, where you can select the skin, toolbars and so on, to all other toolbars.
  • Open in new window option for additional toolbars.
  • Make the close, hide, restore and minimize Avant buttons also available in all other display modes (Full Screen/Desktop) not only in compact style.
  • Change the re-open last closed behavior to the same it was in Final Preview 1, single-click to open the last closed page and dropdown menu to choose the page to restore.
Thanks Anderson for checking out my AB 11.0 feature request list,
now it's time to go on with 11.8:
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Post by hornakapopolis » Fri Sep 22, 2006 1:20 am

...and locked for not following our Request posting rules found in the thread titled MASTER REQUEST/SUGGESTION LIST (READ BEFORE SUBMITTING tacked to the top of this forum.

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