"the number of blocked popup pages" shows twice

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"the number of blocked popup pages" shows twice

Post by crom » Sun Oct 03, 2004 8:00 pm

you can see the following three icons at the bottom of AB page (default bars' setup)

point the mouse on the first icon, the one with the red X. then on the number on the right.

you'll always see the same yellow tooltip saying "the number of blocked popup pages".

I think that the first tooltip should say "click to show all blocked popup pages" or the like.

what do you think?
AB's always had this visual bug...in the past, I'd tried searching into the translation file, for a different line to translate the first tooltip, but there were none.

anyway, it doesn't really bother me...I just notice it could be corrected.
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Post by bigC » Sun Oct 03, 2004 8:24 pm

I agree, the first one should say "Show list of blocked urls" or "Show list of blocked pop ups and ads"

I never noticed that untill you pointed it out.