Avant Browser 2013 Beta 1

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Avant Browser 2013 Beta 1

Post by Anderson » Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:10 am

Avant Browser 2013 beta 1 Released [Jan 22nd, 2013]

http://dl.filekicker.com/send/file/1422 ... abbeta.exe

  • [Add] Brand new user interface
    [Add] New browser:home page
    [Add] New session
    [Add] Adjust the position of some Settings in AB options>Home page
    [Add] Search result in sidebar
    [Add] Default zoom size option
    [Add] Two options "Open all links in this page"and"Add to bookmarks" in content menu under firefox/chrome engine
    [Add] Import local data automatically when first login online stroage
    [Add] Change the color the IE compatile engine logo on address bar
    [Add] Shortcut for "Save as text"
    [Add] Rewrite favicon for one site
    [Add] Open and fill but not submit multi autofills at the same time
    [Add] New skins
    [Add] Double click the page to refresh it when purple screen appears
    [Add] "open all links in bookmarks folder" option on the root of bookmarks
    [Add] Import bookmarks from HTML file
    [Add] Can change default search engine on search bar
    [Add] Can always keep the search engines added by user.
    [Add] Some websites can change rendering engine automatically
    [Add] Option to open search result in a new tab
    [Add] Can use bookmarks normally when organizing bookmarks.
    [Add] Speed up auto complete feature on address bar
    [Add] Highlight address bar when opening Https site
    [Add] Prompt information when add a same bookmark
    [Add] Visit time on "Organize bookmarks"window
    [Add] Show bookmark's directory on the result when searching a bookmark
    [Add] Can reload all the web pages under the same rendeirng engine
    [Add] Reload option when change default rendering engine
    [Add] Can delete one or more histories
    [Add] Downloader:Open the file when complete
    [Add] Downloader: Option to set Maximum Simultaneous Jobs
    [Add] Downloader: Options to shut down computer/exit browser after all downloads finished
    [Add] Downloader: Option to alear All Download History on Exit
    [Improve]Private session
    [Fix] logmein problem
    [fix] Cannot input in some java applications
    [fix] Problems of mouse gesture
    [fix] Win8:blank address bar problem
    [fix] Win8:ctrl+shift+q problem
    [Delete] Two unkonwn options in the contentmenu under IE engine
    [fix] Cannot use the "New session" option
    [fix] Some usage habit problem on new interface
    [fix] Bookmark directory messy code
    [fix] Highlight address bar problem
    [fix] Ctrl+shift+f4 cause Avant freeze
    [fix] Focus problem under firefox engine
    [fix] Focus problem on search box
    [fix] Download window opens in background
    [fix] File>print window opens in background under IE engine
    [fix] Focus problem when organizing bookmarks
    [fix] Resote/maximize problem
    [fix] Restore/minimize detahced tab problem
    [fix] Some chrome.exe appear when exiting Avant browser
    [fix] Favicon problem on subdomain
    [fix] Cannot drag favicon from address bar to desktop or other place
    [fix] Prompt window problem of autofill
    [fix] Maximize tiled Windows problem
    [fix] Switching between old and new skins cause Avant interface messed up
    [fix] Cannot show "Save all opened tabs and exit" option on the menu of system tray icon
    [fix] Changing skins/rendering engine may cause page crash
    [fix] Flicker problem of sidebar
    [fix] Problem when using Split view
    [fix] Downloader:Some files failed to download and cannot pause
    [fix] Downloader:Cannot keep proxy setting
    [fix] Focus problem when using F11/F12
    [fix] Open sidebar problem under F11/F12

Please feel free to report there if you find any issues.

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Re: Avant Browser 2013 Beta 1

Post by xiaobing » Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:58 am

Changelog of beta 1