Introducing the Avant Browser Bug Tracker!

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Introducing the Avant Browser Bug Tracker!

Post by statm1 » Fri Apr 11, 2008 8:58 pm

Avant Browser Bug Tracker

I began thinking about how we can better organize the board and make it easier for people to report any bugs that they find in the latest release of Avant. I thought what we needed was to implement an actual bug tracker. This will make it much easier to see what has been reported and what the status of your report is at any particular time.

Drdrrae and myself have been working pretty hard the last 2 weeks to implement the tracker and it is now ready to be used by the public. There is a new link in the header called Tracker and thats how you get to it. Over the coming weeks we will slowly transition to using the tracker full time and eventually will close off the current bug tracker forum. We will be taking the most recently reported bugs and adding them to the tracker. There will be a new project setup each time a beta starts. There is also a project setup for Orca.

If the staff deems a particular report as not a bug we will flag it as a support request and close that report and refer you to post in the help forum.

As Avant does not have a repository to commit a fix to, we will not change your report to fixed until we confirm that its in a new build of Avant. So don't be surprised if it stays as reviewed or another status type for a period of time.

The Avant Browser Bug Tracker is now Live! Please post in the forum discussion forum if you experience any problems with the tracker.
-- Matt --

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