When a setting in Avant Browser Options doesn't work

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When a setting in Avant Browser Options doesn't work

Post by mbrazil » Thu Aug 22, 2013 1:25 am

I've had this happen enough times that I think it's some kind of a bug, but I found a simple workaround that has done the trick for me for several different settings. The most recent time, the setting that wasn't working right was the one for opening new tabs in the foreground. Most of the time, they were opening in the background, or the focus was immediately switching back to the previous tab even though I had it set to always open new tabs in the foreground.

Here's what fixed it: I went to the setting in Avant Browser Options (Tools > Avant Browser Options > New Tab > Always create new tab in the:), changed it from Foreground to Background, and clicked OK. Then I immediately opened Avant Browser Options again, went back to the setting, and changed it back to Foreground. After that, tabs were opening in the foreground again.

Apparently, Avant gets 'mixed up' once in a while and either doesn't read or doesn't apply one of the configuration settings properly. Once this starts to happen, it keeps happening until you force it to read and apply the setting by changing it and then changing it back. When you change the setting, click OK, change the setting back to the way you want it, and click OK again, you are forcing Avant to rewrite that portion of the configuration file, and this seems to get things back on track. It would probably work if you just clicked Apply when you change the setting the first time, changed the setting back, and then clicked OK, but I haven't tried to do it that way.

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