We're doomed! Unless...

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We're doomed! Unless...

Post by mbrazil » Fri May 31, 2013 5:00 am

The following is a quote from an article describing the changes that Mozilla is planning for Firefox 25.

"Mozilla also tells us it is considering completely removing the add-on bar, though no final decision on this has yet been made. The main toolbar will also have a dedicated area for add-on buttons and widgets, and it looks possible that user-created custom toolbars will also be gone, the organization says."

What is the matter with these developers? Is there some kind of virus or other contagious disease that's attacking their minds? Whatever it is, it definitely seems to be going around in the browser developer community. First Google created a dismal failure called Chrome, and then everybody started copying all the worst aspects of it, including Anderson. Now it seems like they've all lost their minds.

It's obvious that what's really going on is a combination of tablet mania and financial, political, and market pressure from Google. This could be the end of the web for everyone except the tablet weirdos.

On the other hand, this is a golden opportunity for Anderson. He's already developed the best, most configurable browser in the world (Avant 2012). Now, if he can just overcome the disease (googlitis ?), he can restore Avant's former glory and put his brilliance into improving it instead of destroying it. Think how much market share he could grab by bucking this disastrous trend and offering the only useful browser left in the world!

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Re: We're doomed! Unless...

Post by Tinman57 » Sat Jun 01, 2013 8:17 am

If I didn't want a browser without any configurability I'd just use Internet Explorer. I mean, why bother, ya know? Way back when AOHell bought out Firefox and proceeded to butcher it, I went back to using IE. Then I started my search for something more configurable and discovered Maxthon. I was happy as a Drunken Clam until IE changes didn't get along with Maxthon very well, so I started looking all over again. That's when I discovered Avant, and I've been with it since. But as the others I used in the past, for some odd and dumb reason, Avant is being downgraded and about to go by way as the others in the past, in the trashcan.

Too bad. I remember when Avant was excellent and I was happy as that drunken clam....
(Duck! It's another MicroSoft Patch!)

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