kinda freaked out

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Re: kinda freaked out

Post by addonsfan » Fri Jan 25, 2008 12:40 am

Pip wrote:
addonsfan wrote:I try to be a good friend to all of my friends whether they're black, mexican, fat, stupid, or anything... but **** is a new one. and it's a little confusing for me. I can already see it's not going to go well. I know there's going to be many problems. I just really hope he hasn't told anyone else but me.

I suspect **** may not be as new to you as you think. You probably just aren't aware of it.....and I suspect you may not treat all your friends the same or you wouldn't be highlighting the fact that they are black, mexican, fat, stupid and so on. A true friend wouldn't even notice that. Too bad!

I wonder.........if your friend is aware of your membership/activity here on the Avant Browser forum and, if so, if he is reading and painfully aware of your feelings.

My thought...........he obviously thought you were a better friend that you are.........and that he was able to confide in you. I guess he probably should not have done so.

This is a pretty public place to be discussing this stuff.

no one here knows my name (except one person), and I will not give his name away. actually, I wouldn't mind if he saw this thread. I think he deserves to know how I feel, just like I deserve to know he is ****... even though I really wish I didn't.

I don't understand how you can't notice these things. if you see something, it is normal for you to see it as it is. I do treat my friends the same, and the fact that I am still friends with the fat ones, the stupid ones, and the ones of a different race I think should be enough to prove that I am a good friend. I started this thread in confusion, hoping to learn something new that will help restore my faith in this friend.

I've never been racist, but I've been big time prejudice against gays... and now... such a good friend of my own is, come to find out, ****. I want to feel the same way I used to about him, as a good friend, I really do.

I'm trying to restore faith in my friend, which means I'm trying to work it out, against something I feel so strongly about... imho, that's a good friend.

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Re: kinda freaked out

Post by ronnycopeh » Fri Jan 25, 2008 12:55 am

Pip, I have to agree with you, but looking at his age, it tells the story, usually if you've been around a bit you learn to accept people for who they are and that shouldn't be such a deal, your are right this is so public
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Re: kinda freaked out

Post by MysteryFCM » Fri Jan 25, 2008 3:55 am

This is definately NOT the place for homophobic discussions (or discussions with obvious homophobic comments) - this is a family friendly and EVERYONE FRIENDLY (****, straight, bi or alien - I don't care, you're all welcome) board, so this thread is gonna be locked. Be warned, any other discussions of this nature that arise on this board after locking this topic, will result in the user being banned!.