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Re: cool websites

Posted: Fri May 28, 2010 11:25 am
cool-optical illusion - Impossible motion: magnet-like slopes :

cool-Balloons and Dyson Air Multiplier™ fans :

cool-two hands are better than one:

funny-IRON BABY :

cool-the safest car in the world , created around the 1966 : ... ever-built

funny-passive aggressive notes:

cool-Stilzkin Bridge Launcher :

funny-what happens in a video game after the heor saves the princess:

funny-exercise by Zod :

funny-ninja love:
funny-the cannon man and the elephant:

cool- a very detailed Lego car ( Bugatti Veyron) : ... nsmission/

educational-Meet the Elements - They Might Be Giants :

cool- gravity music:

cool- the world becomes pixels: ... ic?start=6

cool-how to make start wars sounds: ... -blasters/

cool-Masterpieces in 3D (might not be suitable for children) :

cool-Dean Kamen at TEDMED 2009 ,talking about a new prostate arm:

cool-recharge unrechargable batteries:

interesting- the prices of liquids: ... -liquids-1

might be useful - compare prices of many things, from the US :

Removed code tags. -André

Re: cool websites

Posted: Fri May 28, 2010 3:50 pm
by ABman
Your links aren't clickable now!

Re: cool websites

Posted: Sat Jun 19, 2010 10:13 pm
cool-3d projections on buildings:

cool-Amazing Violinist Plays His Way Through Music and Effects of Mario:

funny-BP Spills Coffee :

cool-Adobe Photoshop Cook - How to make butter biscuits :

cool- fire animation:

funny-dog eating with his hands:

cool-lee enfield sniper rifle (lego) - a lego gun:

funny/cool-Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty:

funny-Pacman Call - Lady wants it disabled from google:

funny/weird-Dogs are crazy for Law & Order :

funny/cool-the lady and the reaper:

weird-Computer Bug - a praying mantis on a computer screen that tries to eat the mouse cursor:

funny (not for children) - Amazing Horse - Weebl's Stuff:
the extended version:

weird-probably the worst giga-pixel picture in the world(zoom in to the people to understand ) :

interesting- ghost towns around the world :
http://f* (remove *)

interesting- Format: A Brief History of Data Storage:

interesting - so many consoles :

funny-hebrew tattoos spelled very wrong:

Re: cool websites

Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 8:07 am
cool-Dude Totally Re-Creates San Francisco With Toothpicks: ... toothpicks

cool-Collapsible Input Pen Lets You Draw 3D Images On a 2D Surface: ... 2d-surface

cool-the D-drive - a lot of gears for your car engine : ... 2d-surface

cool-DieHard Battery vs. Gary Numan - playing music via cars horns:

funny-The Origin of Job Interviews - The Armstrong and Miller Show :

funny-a ferrari that gets stolen:

impressive-BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU:

nice-Out Of he Fores: ... he-forest/

funny- Apple parody - "Doritos Tablet ":

cool-"logorama"- a logos video: ... ogo_s.aspx

funny-Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat REINCARNATED! :

weird-New Japanese Gameshow Cat Weightlifting :

funny-Top 20 5 Second Films Presented By UPROXX :

funny-Irish Spiderboy :

cool- "The Sandpit" - mini New York:

cool-Amazing blue shipping container camera - a huge camera:

cool-climbing a pole using an excavator :

cool- mario crossover:

cool- guess the country of the breakfast: ... he-country

weird-apocalypse cakes:

cool-snir&naama bar's wedding - The first dance :

interesting-The Story of Bottled Water:

interesting-The Internet, Illustrated: ... strated--2

interesting-The Internet in 1969 :

might be useful- humm your music and the website will try to find the original song:

might be useful-create your own playlists over youtube to share with friends:

might be useful- find your music via youtube:

Re: cool websites

Posted: Sat Jul 17, 2010 6:53 am
by antinapple
do ginger kids have problems in the rest of the world?
they don't have any problems here (israel) ...

Re: cool websites

Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:12 am
cool-"Life" Marble run Rolling Ball Sculpture :

cool-Liquidmetal - Technology demo:

cool-Hidden Animations-"Toy Story Zoetrope" :

cool-Chatroulette Speed Painting:

cute/funny-Top 10 Funny Cat Videos on YouTube: ... s-youtube/

funny-As Seen on TV - a tribute to doing it wrong :

cool-Google Maps car chase:

cute- bunneh (bunny)roulette:

funny-watermelon gag:

interesting - Food Ad Tricks- Helping Kids Understand Food Ads on TV:

weird- PS3 ads showing "PS3 vs green onion" : ... fgFYEt2nyY

cool/might be useful - 10 Fantastic Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube:

cool-Dude Perfect™ - Summer Camp Edition (basketball amazing throws) :

cool-Milk Art Trick:

cool-Master of Business Card Throwing:

cool-iphone symphony - Lady Gaga - Poker Face by Applegirl : ... zh2UygPwDU

cool-Analogical Tetris:

nice-'Meet Meline' , and how they made this animation video:

funny (not for children) - a weird (and probably fake) name for a product called "handjob" : ... ob%21.html

might be useful/relaxing - hear the sound of rain:

might be useful- get information using an online tool about your computer,browser and OS :

might be useful - learn foreign languages by reading and hearing:

cool/might be useful- origami manuals :
also- How to "quickly" make an Origami Magic Ball :

cool/might be useful - sculptris , a tool for sculpturing of 3d models:

funny/might be useful (?) - how to swear in many languages :

Re: cool websites

Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2010 11:30 pm
funny/cool- the fly (3d video) :
the lighthouse/blind date:
and something in between:

funny-norton VD ads:
Lundgren vs. Unicorn :
Caterpillar vs Kimbo :
allow: or
Dokken vs Chicken:
allow: or

cool-HDR Video Demonstration :

funny-How Not To Fire a Watermelon Out of a Huge Slingshot:

funny/cool-"for socks sake" :

funny-Dune parody:

cool-snake robot:

funny - things that parents' children ruined:
http://www.s*h*i* (remove *'s)

funny (not for children) - Stripping ChatRoulette Girl Turns Into She-Demon: ... -she+demon

cool-Create Enormous Bubbles with a Super-Size DIY Bubble Wand : ... ubble-wand

weird-backwards video :

might be useful- a lot of ways to tie your shoes lace:

cool/might be useful - watch video clips (of songs) with lyrics:

Re: cool websites

Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:58 pm
cool - Aggressive Quadrotor:

nice - a story of "Crater Face":

cool- making a picture (of Van goch) by using folded clothes:

weird (might be fake) - Baby Mop:

funny-Pokémon Apokélypse: Live Action Trailer (fan made video) :

cool-Dot. The world's smallest stop-motion animation character shot on a Nokia N8 :

cool/interesting-Fastest animals on Earth in slow motion - Animal Camera :

funny-Videogame Lookalikes:

cool-Mozilla Seabird 2D - a concept cellphone by Mozilla:

cool- black and white HDR video ("Cardiff HDR") :

cool-XOS 2 punching through wood :

cool/weird/gross (?) - fake worms that can move (using a magnet) :

cool (not for children?) - WWF TIGER on t-shirts, showing you how it's like to be hunted:

interesting/gross - Dr Yan's Rotting Food Time Lapse - Bang Goes The Theory:

cute-animals with tongues sticking out:

nostalgy - 10 classic games that you can play online:

cool- print on clothes using a customized printer:

might be useful - how to make the mcdonalds french fries: ... fries.html

(very) weird - mechanical tumor:
and the tentacle that can charge your iphone:

Re: cool websites

Posted: Wed Oct 20, 2010 9:00 am
cool-removing objects in videos ("The incredible world of Diminished Reality ") :
even cooler- MovieReshape: Tracking and Reshaping of Humans in Videos:

cool-Japanese Wave-Pool Generates Waves In Any Shape:

funny - pc games : contra vs tetris:

cool-Hikakin Beatbox:

funny-Dorkly Bits: Koopa Gets a Star : ... ets-a-star

cool-Vortex cannon :

cool- "The 25 most epic ads that aren't '1984' ": ... -1984.html

cool- playstation art-ads: ... 5025/show/

cool (might be fake) - Spinning Bullet on Ice : ... let-on-ice

weird/cool-Humanoid Robot now sings even more naturally:

(very) weird -external heart:
also - elastic cell :

cool- what if Atari went back in time :

funny - why Girls suck at video games :

weird/funny-The top 10 weirdest USB drives ever: ... ives-ever/

funny/cute- Baby Dancing :

might be useful - online notepad , for sharing text with other people :

might be useful- convert from pdf to doc :

Re: cool websites

Posted: Wed Nov 03, 2010 8:43 am
cool-Infinite Xbox 360 Custom Console :

cool- very realistic mask - "The Handsome Guy Silicone Mask SPFX ":

cool/funny-Halloween 2010: Math Teacher has trouble playing a video in class:
also, from the previous year:

cool/weird-World's Largest Skateboard Disaster :

cool/mysterious-Chaplins Time Traveler :

cool-low budget helicopter-camera: ... maker.html

cool-These Gears Really Work? :

cool- AT-AT ("dog robot") DAY AFTERNOON :

cool- The Super Fast Cat Attacks - Ninja Cat :

cool/weird- sands-skypark-marina-bay-sands-infinity-pool:

cool- almost realistic dynasaurs :

funny- cats soccer:

weird/gross- a vending machine that sells live crabs: ... live-crabs

funny- "tortoise is dancing at satisfaction ":

cool/might be useful - hot to open you bottle of wine using your shoe : ... D7%9F.html

interesting-BAT SENSE - by Nature Video :

interesting - historypin - shows pictures of places around the world according to dates too:

weird/cool- "short++" - shoes that can change your height:

might be useful - watch old and new films over the internet:

Re: cool websites

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:19 am
cool-"Good Vibrations":

"Une Histoire Vertebrale" - a bad spinal-column stroy:

cool-Guy Walks Across America: ... a-youtube/

cool- cheap experimental video tricks :

funny - games comedies:
Street Fighter Meter Maid: ... meter-maid
Mortal Kombat After The Fatality: ... e-fatality
Yoshi Hates Mario: ... ates-mario
Diddy Kong's Barrel Trouble: ... el-trouble
Ken is Cheap: ... n-is-cheap
Awkward Double Dragon: ... ble-dragon
Yoshi Loves Birdo: ... oves-birdo
PacMan Family Problems: ... y-problems

funny-a child complains about wasting his time at the zoo :

funny- Java 4-Ever Trailer:

very weird - cows & cows & cows :

weird-ant drinking from rain drop:

cool- moveis remixes:****

cool- how to make a paper clone of yourself:

cool-Autoloader Scewdriver - Change bits in less then a second:

cool/might be useful- free stuff to watch/read/learn/listen online:

weird - awkward stock photos - weird photos found on ads:

interesting - the truth behind cosmetics:

interesting-What Fast Food Really Looks Like: ... looks-like

interesting - life before photoshop (at 1987!) :

interesting- secrets that most people don't know of:

might be useful- playful stuff for your kids:

might be useful- edit videos for free:

might be useful- convert videos for free:

Re: cool websites

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:18 pm
by kevinkx7
Very nice sites. Thanks for sharing such a huge collection of sites.

Re: cool websites

Posted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:46 pm
cool- a robot that mimics a human (Control the Humanoid Robot by Kinect) :

beautiful-close up on eyes: ... yes/428809

cool-Extraordinary ambidextrous (using both hands) drawing skills

funny-The Neverending peeing dog:

funny-Maru Greatest Hits :

cool-Word Lens - app for instant translate while capturing images:

cool-"Who Needs Acid When You Have These Animated Buildings?" : ... -buildings

cool-Woman in the Plane :

funny-Drunk History about Tesla:

cool- young me now me :

cool-Slow motion lightning strike:

cool-Drink Can Tinwork:

cool - Street Fighter IV on Kinect :

funny-baby twins do as their father:

might be useful-how to remove stains:

might be useful-how to fold your sheets :

might be useful - train your brain using games:

Re: cool websites

Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:46 pm
cool-Robot Seal Plays Basketball :

funny-Super Mario Bros with realistic sounds:

cool- video games art:

cool-dancing hand:

cool - Street Fighter IV Ultra Combos Look Ultra Cool In Real Life :

interesting - everything is a remix: ... mix-part-1

amazing - smart children :
"Elements Game":
"Rose Center Anniversary Video Contest - Space is Awesome":

educational - learn to play the piano:

might be useful - get an annoying song out of your head:

might be useful - find out what is the name of the song when you can only remember how it's sounds:

might be useful-Free online file converter , of many different formats:

Re: cool websites

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:43 am
funny-Emerson - Mommy's Nose is Scary:

funny-Twin Baby Talk:

cool- an ad for a cellphone (Touchwood SH-08C) ,having a very long xylophone :

cool-The ancient world’s most amazing machine recreated with Lego:

funny-horse race with a funny named horse:

cool-10 Year Old Boy Robot Dance - Norway's Got Talent:

cute-What happens when kittens dream of outer space? :

cool-The paint Speaker Orchestra:

cool-The Cyclotrope (Using a Bicycle Wheel to Create Animation) :

cool-Camera trickery turns Polish city into a whirring Lilliputian metropolis:

Re: cool websites

Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 8:24 am

funny- ukranian mortal kombat:

funny- talking animals:
Ultimate Dog Tease:
Talking Beaver on the Highway:
Kitty is a very BAD Mystic:
and the whole playlist : ... C9087AC9CD

cool - Goldfish - We Come Together - how many video games can you find in this video clip:

cool/funny- "Most Useless Machine" Duels Mankind and Is Metaphor for All Interactions with Technology: ... technology

cool-LEGO GBC 20 modules :

cool-Sat 119: A Throwable, Chemical-Based Fire Exinguishing Pack : ... shing-pack

cool (not for children) - Hambuster - what if burgers could eat humans? :

interesting - soft metals that can also react badly with water:

Re: cool websites

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2011 7:32 pm
funny/cool -stuff vs stuff : ... ff-walkman

funny -Kitten tries to Catch own Reflection :

beautiful - Under the Milky Way in Joshua Tree National Park: ... onal-park/

funny/cool - How to avoid getting hit by a train:

cool (not for children?) - Dirt Devil ad ,The Exorcist :

cool-Ilona Capstan Table- a round table that can resize itself by spinning :

cool- a 3d printer that prints glass , from the power of the sun:

cool- Monstrous Metropolis II Cityscape Treats Matchbox Cars to a True Infinite Loop:

cool- sand that cleans water - "Magic Sand at Rice University" :

weird/cool - eguchi aimi is an unreal pop character : ... eal-video/

cool-Vibration. See the unseen :

interesting-How Incandescent Lightbulbs Really Work:

cool-AMP Digital Video - a video camera that records in HDR :

weird - hugging robot:

cool-Pendulum Waves:

Re: cool websites

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:35 am
funny-Don Cheadle is Captain Planet: ... red_videos

interesting- making a heart from a donation to work till being used, without freezing it: ... -your-life

cool- bicycle lights on the wheels: ... look-great

cool-art of taxidermy : ... /gallery/1

cool- milk fiber clothes:

funny-Axe-Wielding Bird ATTACKS:

cool-How to Make Tiny Toy Tornadoes:

funny-dad wakes his son using the theme of "doom":

weird/interesting-an Orangutan that keeps himself cool, using a towel:

cool-"CO2 Structure" Could Help Rebuilding Efforts In Earthquake Affected Areas :

cool/funny-Mortal Kombat Sitcom: ... bat-sitcom

cool-Mario With A Portal Gun: ... portal-gun

cool - leaf art:

cool-a proposal on the roof:

funny/cool - Medal of Honor Cat:

Re: cool websites

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 5:44 am
cool-Wickedly Cool Night Invisibility Technology ... technology

funny- the new social network: ... oogle-plus

cool/funny - weird pc games bugs:

cool- cookie and food printer:

funny - Dorkly Bits: Luigi Wears Red: ... -wears-red

cool/interesting - Mongolian Nomads See a Picture of Themselves for the First Time in Their Lives : ... heir-lives

cool- Tetris Pattern of mario and luigi:

cool-Lego's augmented reality: ... -on-video/

weird (not for children) - kids trying the plates and tablecloth trick (not a real thing) :
yet another unreal attempt to do this trick:
and how to really do it properly:

cool-These Drones Transform into Suicide Bombs: ... cide-bombs

cool -sand art: ... d-sand-art

cool-QUMA 3D-CG Motion Capture Device:

cool-This firefighter can climb a ladder faster than you can fall off of one:

funny-Dorkly Bits: Plants vs. Zombies Wall-nut Gets Bitten: ... ets-bitten

funny-Dorkly Bits: Tails Can't Die: ... s-cant-die

weird/cool-Scotch Tape Moving:

interesting -Proof Positive That Technology, Like So Much in Nature, Chases the Sun:

Re: cool websites

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:16 pm
by vtel57
UFO UFO! You're still posting on this thread. Gads, man! You should receive a medal of some sort for still being around here after all this time. :)