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Incompatible Sites

Post by kirbyk » Sun Dec 14, 2008 7:54 pm

I'm finding many sites that are incompatible with Avant, particularly those that use javascript extensively. The latest is

Look at it Avant then in another browser such as Firefox. In FF you see live up to date scores of games (during game time, that is, like it is now). The bar of scores won't appear in Avant, just this message: To best experience please download Adobe Flash and turn on JavaScript. I have both Flash and JS on, and use them extensively on other sites, but won't work.

Sometimes if JS doesn't seem to be working, a restart of Avant will fix it (still annoying behavior and improper for a modern browser). But I've done that for and no go.

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Re: Incompatible Sites

Post by abfan123 » Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:47 pm

It appears just fine here.
What's your Windows version, Avant Browser's version & build (Please go to Help>About Avant Browser... to find out) & IE version?
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