asp form/page submission bug

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asp form/page submission bug

Post by belazir » Fri Sep 19, 2008 8:26 am

ooook, i'll try to explain this as best I can.

we use a saas accountancy system.... it's a complex asp app, utilising pop ups to enter information to the original page (how badly not like a developer do i sound?).

Avant seems to have a problem with any pop up generated BY a pop up - let me put this into focus....

I want to reallocate some time one of my staff has spent on a project to another project. I fill in the information, click OK, and a pop up is generated asking if i'm sure i wish to reallocate this time. I click yes. This disappears, another pop up should be generated at this point, which reallocates the time then confirms. The originating page refreshes at the same time and shows the new time entry card with the new project number against the time you allocated...

In IE this works fine.... in avant, the originating page refreshes, but the new pop up is not generated and thus the time is not allocated.

I know, from a developers point of view that description sucked.... i hope you can get my drift. If Che or any support admin would like to see what i mean I can provide sandbox access to the system in question.

Thanks for your time, and I desperately hope you can fix this bug, I use avant at all times - except when i need to reallocate time! (more often than i'd like)
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