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Multiple users with different bookmarks, history, settings

Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 7:47 pm
by sparking
I haved tryed my best to search about this issue to no avail.

In Firefox you can have several profiles, each one with different addons, individual bookmarks, history and all other settings. There is a profile manager with all your profiles listed, and you can open as many profiles as you want, each one with individual settings, bookmarks, history etc.

Can the same be done in Internet explorer 8, or at least in Avant Browser?

Thanks so much

Re: Multiple users with different bookmarks, history, settin

Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 10:10 pm
by kudos

- Install multiple copies of "Avant Browser Portable" on your computer, one for each user
- Give each user a different "Avant Online Storage" account

Note that because of the way that IE works, history and addons are system-wide and thus will effect each user.

As you are a Firefox fan, try Orca Portable (one for each user again). They will then keep their individual settings completely.