MyLiveSearch not working in Avant

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MyLiveSearch not working in Avant

Post by cdysthe » Tue Aug 28, 2007 1:49 pm


The hottest thing in search since Google, MyLiveSearch, launched it's beta today. This is real-time search for the first time. Read here: ... 09239.html

I logged into my beta account and installed the required ActiveX control, but no search results in Avant. It works fine in IE7 of course.

If someone more technical than me who also has a beta account could look into how to get it to work in Avant it would be great. It better work over time, since this is the future of search even if Google decides to purchase the whole thing while still in it's infancy.

You can get the plug-in here:

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Re: MyLiveSearch not working in Avant

Post by abfan123 » Sat Sep 01, 2007 2:51 pm

I've tried to look into it and installed the first version of the MyLiveSearch plugin.
The first version worked quite unstable in both IE and Avant.
Now they've released a bugfix release with the following changelog:
Some of the Minor bug Fixes are:
(a) Plug-in occasionally would Exit when opened via MyComputer for XP Users.
Now, The plugin doesn't work with any Trident-based browser (Other than IE itself) (Tried with Avant and Maxthon.)
It seems like they've restricted the access to the plugin to all the browsers except for the Internet Explorer.
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