[INFO] Installing toolbars in Avant Browser

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[INFO] Installing toolbars in Avant Browser

Post by MysteryFCM » Fri Aug 18, 2006 7:12 am

Installing toolbars in Avant Browser

This document is a quick guide to installing your favourite IE toolbars, in Avant Browser 11.x

As I detest Google and refuse to install their software on my machine, this guide will instead use CallingID to illustrate (only because SiteAdvisor doesn't yet work with Avant :().

There are four steps to actually getting the toolbar to be usable in Avant Browser. These are;

1. Downloading the toolbar
2. Installing the toolbar
3. Enabling the toolbar for Avant
4. Enabling the toolbar for usage in Avant

Downloading the toolbar

Obviously, downloading the toolbar, requires visiting the homepage of the toolbar you want to use, and selecting where appropriate, it's download option. In the case of CallingID (only your version of Windows is actually required), this would be;


Installing the toolbar

Installing the toolbar for Avant is the same as for any other browser. It simply involves running through the toolbars installer. In most cases, this simply involves clicking "Next" a few times (caveat: ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure you read the EULA that comes with it as some will additionally install malware!)

Enabling the toolbar for Avant

To enable a toolbar for Avant Browser, select the Tools menu, followed by Avant Browser Options.

On the dialog thats brought up, select Add-Ons.


Simply place a tick next to the toolbar you want, and because most of them require their BHO be active aswell, place a tick in that too (in the case of CallingID, this is called "CallingID BHO", and it's type labelled "Browser Helper Object").

Next, simply click Apply, followed by OK. You have now downloaded, installed and enabled, your toolbar!.

Enabling the toolbar for usage in Avant

For use with Avant, one further step is now required before you can actually use your toolbar.

To do this, go to the View menu, and select "Toolbars".

Finally, select your newly installed toolbar. In this case, CallingID


Your toolbar is now ready for you to use.