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Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2007 12:33 am
by Sara
As you can see that site is no longer available because of the Forum upgrade. has 679 Avant Skins--none of which will work with the current build without updating--see on how to update old skins.

As for current skins on this site look in the subfolders in the Skins Discussion section.

Folks who made new skins for the last site may want to re-upload them to this one. I've been updating and uploading older skins from my own files and now from GetSkinned (which was down until last night and doesn't seem to be functional other than as an archive any more). Also, if possible, could members who are still with us who have done skins please update and upload them? I'm concentrating on skins from skinners we haven't seen in a year or two or three.

I have a request--if you do update an old skin don't keep it to yourself! Upload it so we all can share. There is no way any of the moderators or support staff have the time to do them all. Also, if you want a particular skin and are having trouble ask for help--one of us willl walk you thru it. Read Dr. Drrae's note at the top of the Skins section for help as well.

Sara :D