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Post by plouffle » Sun May 24, 2009 6:00 am

is that the orca security same as the firefox?orca faster than firefox?

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Re: security

Post by bksening » Sun May 24, 2009 7:20 am

Orca 1.1b3 uses the same Gecko rendering engine and Spidermonkey Javascript engine as Firefox 3.0.8, so Orca will have the same rendering and Javascript security as Firefox 3.0.8. I don't know if any specific additional security measures are added by the Orca trim/program.

As for Orca's speed, strictly for rendering/layout and Javascript speed, Orca should not be able to be faster than Firefox again because they use the same rendering and Javascript engines. Possible speed differences can only come from differences in direct screen drawing/updates speeds, internet loading/parallel loading/DNS lookups/etc, policies, rules, and algorithms for cookies, caches, history, etc. I find that Orca is snappier in GUI responses than Firefox, and Firefox often seems bloated and slow. For Javascript speed however, for example the Sunspider Javascript Benchmark, I have never seen Orca have any significant difference over Firefox.

BTW plouffle, if your profile info is correct, Orca 1.1 has been fully released. You may wish to update your Orca to the current 1.1 Build 3.

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