Command line parameters to auto-save and open bookmarks

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Command line parameters to auto-save and open bookmarks

Post by Dreamer » Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:50 pm

I need to use multiple instances / folders, OR multiple bookmarks. Exactly I need to:

- open tab A, B, C, D
- auto-save tab A, B, C, D as bookmark 1 on exit
- open bookmark 1 with opened tabs A, B, C, D
- open tab E, F, close tab B
- save all opened tabs (A, C, D, E, F) as bookmark 1 - replace all old tabs!

...all this while using another bookmarks the same way with ability to use multiple instances.

Implementation would be using the command line parameters:


Looks very easy and it would be also working easy:

-bookmark"1" would open always the new instance of Orca/Avant with the last saved tabs. On exit all the currently opened tabs would be saved as bookmark "1".

That's all, it's an alternative to option "Save all opened pages on exit", but the pages/tabs would be automatically saved to bookmark file instead of reopen.dat file - that's the only change.

Another suggestion, alternative without command line parameters, save the opened tabs automatically on exit to "bookmark1" file, then option to open this file - new instance of Orca/Avant would be opened with all saved tabs, on exit save all tabs to "bookmark1" file. If "bookmark2" file would be opened, then auto-save all tabs to "bookmark2" file on exit.

It's the same way as command line parameters, but the files would be used instead of parameters - it would be more user friendly, but for me any way would be OK.


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