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When browser re-opens, webpage tabs are gone

Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2011 5:46 am
by Oocoot
I have just recently installed a new ORCA Browser and it is version 1.2 bld 6.

It seems to work fine, except for the fact that no "Open Webpage" tabs will show up as expected

All that I am being shown at start of browser is a Dialog Box in Center of Screen, showing the Pages that had previously been open, and being asked which of these I would like to have re-opened again now, - just as if the browser had crashed when it never ever did that at all.

I click “SELECT ALL” and “OK”.

Now, the number of selected tabs is being installed but when I close the ORCA Browser in any which way, then, when I reopen the browser, my tabs will have disappeared.

Very clearly, my webpage tabs are not being saved.

All that takes place is that the Center Dialog Box with Webpage lists from last session has come back and I must again enter new tabs for every session.

How can I correct this very unhappy problem?