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Wrong site icons

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2011 7:53 am
by mbrazil
For a while now, Orca has been displaying the wrong icons in some of the tabs and for some bookmarks. Some sites get the right icons, but others seem to randomly get icons for other sites or the default globe icon. I've even seen the icons for sites I've never been to before be incorrect. For example, I went to a site for the first time the other day, and it had Microsoft's icon on the tab button, but the site had no connection whatsoever to Microsoft. I know that most of the sites in question that get the default globe icon do have their own custom icons.

Is there any way to set this right without having to start over from scratch by deleting or emptying $.ficn$ ? Enough sites have the correct icons that I don't want to discard all the icon assignments.

I sure wish that Orca had a way for users to control icon assignments so that you could override what it comes up with and force the icon of your choice for sites, especially in the bookmarks.

I'm running the current Avant alpha also, and it doesn't have this problem. Both browsers are set to use the same online storage account, and I know they're both accessing the same data, because when I create a new bookmark in one, it shows up in the other the next time I run it. Why does Orca have this problem when Avant doesn't?