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Superfluous tab in window

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 10:19 am
by Cop
I installed new version AB. And now I see additional tab in every new opened window. As for me, it is very uncomfortable. The useful area of the screen decreases. :thumbdown:
How to get rid of it?

Re: Superfluous tab in window

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2018 12:09 pm
by DutchGemini
Maximise, it should go away. Had that too, was about to write a bug report -you could add tabs in this window- but then after maximising it went away. Did not have it anymore since.

Re: Superfluous tab in window

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 10:11 am
by Cop
Maximizing of window is uncomfortable. So, in inner (so to speak) window the combination Ctrl-W closes all opened tabs.
Also I like AB for possibility to use the different languages in address bar and page without language switching. This feature in new inner window doesn't work.
There are other bugs in new version AB also - white page after full-windowed video, content in new tab doesn't scaled... IMHO, this version is very crooked. :thumbdown: