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Unable to access customization option with FF engine!

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 6:42 pm
by abuser
Unable to access customization option with FF engine in Avant Browser 2017 build 12, Released 11.25.2017 (FF version - 57)

As outlined by SCHUMI_4EVER addon bar couldn’t be added so there is no way of accessing customization option!

In Avant both chrome and FF addons cannot be launched/accessed fully (I did report this long back but never got fixed!)

If FF set as default engine with addon bar help addons could be moved to the bar and could be accessed to an extent now with this version this too is not possible!

@Anderson: don’t see where this project is heading, with every version all you have been doing is updating chrome & FF engines + introducing one or the other bug!

Due to the recent changes made to FF by Mozilla it has created series of inconvenience on top, your way of customization in Avant creating more issues!

Better is please separate like:
Avant with FF & IE (Compared to Avant with FF, Orca browser was much better)
Avant with Chrome & IE

And please work on those long pending requests, solve related issues. Otherwise Avant as an IE shell is better….