Window Snapping in window 8 not working

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Window Snapping in window 8 not working

Post by ahaghshenas » Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:55 am

The feature i'm asking about was introduced in Windows 7 and Avant browser used to be able to do it, but with updates a while back it stopped snapping and i really miss this feature with my Avant

For further explaination of the feature check the link. ... tures/snap

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Re: Window Snapping in window 8 not working

Post by mbrazil » Tue Sep 03, 2013 11:39 pm

In any build of Avant 2013 from build 100 on, the Avant 'window' will not respond in the expected manner to any Windows or third-party application function that attempts to resize or reposition it (or even to report its size). The reason is that the Avant 'window' is not really a window in the traditional Windows sense. It is actually a non-standard conglomeration of several 'windows.' You can see this if you have full-window-drag enabled and you drag the Avant 'window' by the title bar area. As you drag Avant, the different components, or sections, of the window (they're actually separate windows) do not move simultaneously. They repeatedly jump to catch up with the position of the upper section of the Avant 'window' (the section that contains the toolbars and the Tabs Bar.

When the code of any function that is intended to manipulate the size or position of the Avant 'window' attempts to move the Avant 'window', it either fails to have any effect, has the wrong effect, or has unintended effects. I have experienced this with three different apps, one shareware and two commercial (Sizer, Actual Window Manager, and Chameleon Window Manager).

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