Windows and [lost] Focus

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Windows and [lost] Focus

Post by DutchGemini » Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:34 am

I have scanned the forum to look for a similar problem but couldn't find one so I'm posting. I'm using AB 2010 b123, time ago a made a stap back from the initial builds of 2010 to 11.7 and only recently I came back to 2010, of which I'm only partially satisfied.

Apart from some minor enhancements, the problems I have with PDF printing and the application/window focus and Z-Order which is system wide (sometimes can't get the focus in MS-Office or in other apps as well) is driving me nuts, once every while I need to click twice in AB (especially in the Search Bar) when coming from other application (using dual screen), the focus on the MDI child windows gets lost although it appears to be on focus, and more.

A small example is for instance when you restore a [single] window and then drag it around: the focus is lost totally by AB - see image.
After moving window AB looses focus
Also popup dialogs have a hard time keeping their Z-Order: open an AutoFill dialog (for copying/pasting the same user ID or password to another but related web site) and then click *in* the window; the Autofill dialog will disappear behind AB (instead of being non-modal in front of AB) and you need to get it back by clicking on the main AB window (eg. free toolbar area) - see image.
Autofill dialog falls behind AB
I have the impression that these problems are caused by ybrowser.exe not correctly managing focus and Z-Order, but I could be wrong. Nevertheless, I am seriously thinking of switching back to 11.7 but also about making a two-legged jump to Chrome.


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