[Release] Email Current Website Link with Press of a Button

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[Release] Email Current Website Link with Press of a Button

Post by Scrabble » Sat Feb 24, 2007 10:15 pm

You can create a button that will create a new mail message and will include in the body of the message the link to the website you are currently on. Just go to Tools...Avant Browser Options...Add-Ons...Add-Ons. Then click add, give it a name, select an icon to identify it, make sure for "Type" that the 'Script Button' is selected, then paste the text below into the 'Content' field:

window.location = "mailto:"+"?subject="+"I thought this might interest you..."+"&body="+document.title+" "+window.location;

If you want to just open a blank new mail message then use:

window.location = "mailto:"

Alternatively, you could make it a command (instead of a script): "C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\MSIMN.EXE" /mailurl:mailto:

I posted a script here that will add a button to your add-on toolbar that when pressed will create a shortcut on your desktop.

I must say that I use Outlook Express. I am not sure if the script will work with other email programs. Obviously, command above will not work with another program. Anyway, enjoy!


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