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AUCI (1.1)-[25/06/2013]

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:26 am
by sulpherdragon
Avant Unicode Converter Inlay

AUCI is a small application that sanitizes Unicode links from applications to ensure they will open correctly in Avant.
This is a patch intended to fix Unicode URL issues that will eventually be resolved in Avant and Firefox natively.
Not everybody will find themselves needing this, but I certainly do.


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Avant runs three rendering engines and is essentially a shell that sits on top of them. As you may expect, each renderer behaves differently, and adding Avant on top of the mix can make things very complicated.
Avant is an old browser though, the code has gone through a lot since its first inception and I can only imagine there’s some old code in there. Unicode domains are a fairly new thing. The original web standard didn’t support it, and it now has to be hacked into every browser and DNS using an encoding technique called Punycode.
In a lot of cases, this is the root of the problem. In other cases, the problem is how programs actually communicate to each other without knowing a standard protocol.
I've submitted some bug reports about this, but it's pretty clear that Avant lacks/lacked Unicode support in a lot of its functions and converting them all could take some time:
AUCI allows links like these to work correctly when opened from external applications.

Test URLs:

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The first one is a Punycode escaped string. This is read by the browser and this text is sent straight into the web as is.
The second is a Unicode URL, normally the browser will display it as Unicode to the user, but it must still be converted to Punycode before being sent off transparently.
The third is a multibyte URL that has been "percent escaped" and should only be sent invisibly by applications.
Currently, only chrome supports the third URL type, Firefox will error out. As you might expect, Avant with Chrome engine works, and with FF engine fails.
Applications can send those links in any format, for example, Steam ( sends it in the third format.
How to install To remove AUCI, click this button in Avant options:

AUCI fixes all three of these URLs when they are issued by external applications. (Chrome is still the only browser that will open the third link when it's clicked from inside the browser.)
For the application source code, see

Re: AUCI (1.1)-[25/06/2013]

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:22 am
by Tinman57
I clicked on the zip file url and it came back with a "File does not exist error."

EDIT: Nevermind, It finally worked....

Re: AUCI (1.1)-[25/06/2013]

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:48 am
by sulpherdragon
Hmm, not sure why. I don't host that server but I thought it's uptime should be 99%.
If it happens anyone else I can make a mirror link.