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Edit Buttons

Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:13 pm
by kudos
Here are some add-on buttons that will allow Copy, Cut and Paste:

COPY button: Download || [url=aba://]Auto-Install[/url]

CUT button: Download || [url=aba://]Auto-Install[/url]

PASTE button: Download || [url=aba://]Auto-Install[/url]

To allow clipboard access without prompting (See this image for details):

Tools >> Internet Options... >> Security >> Internet >> Custom Level >> Scripting >> Allow Programmatic clipboard access >> Enable

As always, make sure that you have the add-ons buttons toolbar visible: View >> Toolbars >> Add-on Buttons

These buttons were created because currently Avant v2010 does not have an Edit menu.
They do not work with Orca because Mozilla based browsers do not allow clipboard access.

Originally posted here: ... 57#p171557

EDIT: The copy button has been updated so that it will not lose the current selection after clicking