Restore tabs with history after accidental close

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Re: Restore tabs with history after accidental close

Post by AYG » Sun Jul 13, 2008 2:41 pm

Jasmine wrote:...
Let's suppose the first step you log in a forum,the second an e-mail box,the third redirect to another website through clicking on a link from an e-mail you're reading and at last close the tab. Whether you could keep those original login status after unclosing the tab and going back is up to how the forum or mail program is designed. Avant couldn't save all those cookies for users. And also some sites keep from being opened up directly. It turns out this feature is uesless if Avant can't save those important status information. I see this function in Maxthon. I dont think it really made it.
I'm not sure if maxthon does correct under such circumstances, but I think the way maxthon does is good enough for ordinary browsing. I strongly suggest adding this if possible.

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