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Post by Duncan » Fri Jan 16, 2004 2:15 am

I was going to mail this one, but then decided to post it in the forums. I already saw that some of this was already sugested, but I had already wrote the whole thing, so they will stay there to mantain my support to the subject.
I also would like to show my support to the following idea posted by others:
- HTML tag viewer (so that instead of just viewing source with notepad, we could see HTML tags, in collors, in order to better acknoledge the code).

So here is what I wrote:

Hi, I'll try to make my comments about Avant Browser in order to see it improved.
First of all, great software, I hope yo continue to develop and improve it. The thing that appealed to me when I found out, was easy proxy management, and complete IE integration, giving it a confident look.

Secondly, sorry about the grammar, English is not my native language. But if you find anything to be a good idea, and want to discuss it better, please reply.

Thirdly, It is admirable your effort to mantain Avant free, of fees AND spyware. I would contribute, but I don't have the finnancial means for that. :(

Things I think that could be added (don't have the faintest idea how to program them though!):

------------ [Attention: these are only sugestions. I'm sure most have gone through your mind, and came to the conclusion that it may not be possible or desirable to include them, by deppendancy to IE or any other reason. Additionally, it doesn't make sense for me to have a browser do Everything! But if Avant wants to be better than an extension of IE it "has" to complete some flaws in IE.] -----------

- Built in download manager
Very much alike Flashget, because: it supports referrals, proxies, file resuming, downloading in several parts, downloads organizer, etc... Flashget is one of the few that I found not to corrupt files at all, and additionally it allows to download from some sites (ones that have links to download files in php or in a cgi) using refferal information.
Or like net transport, because it allows the download for streeming video (REAL and Windows Media), which is Extremelly usefull, if you want to record a broadcast, camera, or streeming video from websites.
I think that this functionality of download manager is very important because IE lacks functionalities that are very important, as keeping track the files you've downloaded, downloading the file by parts, and resuming downloads later on.

- FTP manager
IE isnt very good at these things... Too slow and freezes alot. Not much to explain here. This would provide a basic use for ftp, just to make up for the obsolete FTP functions of IE. The purpose is not to be better than cuteftp ou flashfxp of course, but just to serve for basic use.

- "Minimize all windows" button
Could be inserted, but I'm not even certain it would improve much, because the main program already has minimize and close (to tray), just a thought though.

- Configurable HotKeys
Think like an office worker. What would you want most in a browser than an Escape key?... that would hide anything, if someone you don't like (boss) come lurking around... this comes in sequence with the minimize all function.
It could even be like: If [configurable-key or key-sequence] is pressed, do the following -> Minimize web windows; hide web-window toolbar; show home page (or configurable page).

- URl-Spoof toolbar
You may not want to include something like this in Avant, but it would be something lik this:
It would present a new toolbar, with a box to insert "Referal" and an option to check :"Refferal= URL"
It may be usefull to get past some authentication, and it is growing to be a common practice, though it may not be very legal in some cases. Any way, you could make it a possibility for others to make a third-party plugin for it.

- Internet traffic statistics
Some graphs and numbers to show statistics.

- Bandwith throttle options...
Make your Avant Browser (and downloding files) use less bandwith when you are playing online, using a p2p software, or something. Could be integrated with the download manager.

- Built-in messenger (while possible to turn it off)
Compatible with Msn, Yahoo, ICQ, and if wou really want to attract more than 1 million 'Counter-Strike' (most played online game) fans: 'Steam' messenger. Now some of this could not be possible, specially Steam, but just a thought.
I addmit this one could not be a desirable extention to a browser... it's just a small sugestion.

- New toolbar
Give the users the option to add a new custom toolbar that would have the possibility to have buttons that may or not be in other toolbars (and may or not be removed from there), so they could better personalize the look and feel of their Avant.

- Refresh
As far as I know, F5 refreshes the webpage, but it may show the old version of the page, and for that the option for Ctrl+F5 in Ie is available. It could be inserted in the Refresh options that appear bellow the Refresh button. It may be usefull to have an option to Refresh all pages this way.

- Cookie manager
Sometimes we recieve tracking cookies that we want to know about. A complete database of know tracking cookies could be inserted, allowing the user to see when the cookie is created, in which page, and the known (if so happens) description.

- Block objects - example: Java issue
Java often compromizes security of users that want to browse anonimously, revealing IP and other caracteristics, even though a proxy is enabled. A Java-disable option is already available, but it would be nice to allow users to add more than two buttons to the 'block section' (aside from flash and images), like the block Java, active X or scripts, currently only available from the menu.
The idea is to let users customize all they want.

- 'Macros' / Batchlist
In MS Office, it is possible to set a new toolbar, a new button, and attach to it a specific fuunction. In our case it would be nice to be possible to customize a set of actions to execute in that button.
For example, advanced users would be interested in having a button that activates Images, flash, Java, AvtiveX and such, and at the same time opening a set of pages to the activity they are going to do. Next to that the users would like to set a button to deactivate all this, and close all active windows, and open some more.
It would be complicated to add buttons to do all this, and so the need to alow users customize everything appears.
If I'm a programmer, a gamer, a networking security fanatic, and a regular user all at once I would enjoy creating buttons that would allow me set up an environment for my specific activity in one single click.
This alsocould be usefull to extent the functionally of 'Groups'.

- Notes pad
When viewing a webpage about some specific subject some users would like to take notes. an area in the right side of the screen could accomplish this, so that they could browse and take notes at the same time. Saving this notes with or without the webpage would be nice too.

- Communities
Many internet users belong to several comunities. The favorite section lacks some functionality to meet the requirements of this subject. If I'm registered in several forums, from various subjects, I would like to have a section in the browser to let me manage them, right? I would like to set some forums (mostly in php, like vbulletin, invision, phpbb, etc), or other rpg-game-sites, to login automaticaly. This section could be inserted after the favourites and history, in the left side of the screen.
Why this is important? Because users have the need to clean cookies and IE history from time to time, and that usually deletes login information from forums.

- Saving
Many users format their HDD and reinstall Windows often. In that case, a "Save Avant profile" option would also be nice. It could allow for users to select what to save: groups, favorites (as it already exists), passwords, autocomplete list, Avant settings (what skin was used; what buttons were created; proxy list; language; text size currently used; what was blocked, flash, image; misc settings), etc.
After reinstalling Windows and Avant, an 'Import Avant settings' would be available, to import the settings that were saved in a file during backup.

- Profiles
Though Windows supplies the option to use multiple users, the same could be used in the browser, so that if you have a windows account for everyone in your house, you could not want other people to see your favorites.
Password protecting this profiles would be required.

- Headers
An option to customize Http headers, in order to have the browser identify itself like IE, Netscape, Opera, or any other description.

- Proxy chaining
Use proxy A to get information from proxy B, who gets information from proxy C, that gets it's information from site.
Extremelly usefull in respect to anonimity.

- Tunneling
Specify what port should HTTP go through, other than port 80, because there may be filters on port 80.

- Avant Browser comunity
Comunities, and forums management could easy the process for registering in Avant forum, which could attract more users to the forum.

- Mouse gestures
Some browser I tried come time ago, I don't really remember which one, allowed for mouse gestures, like righ click and up and left movement for 'open new window', or other functions. would be nice to have this one too.

Well I can't seem to remember other things I wanted to write, but anyway, you have a few months sugestions to worry about in here.

Good luck and please state your opinion on the above.

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Post by Duncan » Fri Jan 16, 2004 2:22 am

Hum just saw how it got big... wasn't intended to cause boredom...

I also just read the rules... ops, I should have read them before, I know... and I found that I should have posted 22 separate topics... sorry!


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Post by André » Fri Jan 16, 2004 2:26 am

First, your English it very good. Especially since it is not your native language.

A lot of these have been requested before, like you said. All are good ideas.
Duncan wrote:Hum just saw how it got big... wasn't intended to cause boredom...

I also just read the rules... ops, I should have read them before, I know... and I found that I should have posted 22 separate topics... sorry!

It is alright.
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Post by Duncan » Sun Jan 18, 2004 3:03 pm

Yes, I hope some of these ideas are to be included, like Internet traffic statistics, Bandwith throttle options or easy Proxy chaining.
Letting users configure hotkeys would be a great addition too!


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Post by Trav » Fri Feb 06, 2004 6:13 am

I am particularly interested in the Downloads Manager request. Actually, I would be very happy if downloads would be more like an extension I was using with Firebird where each download went into a Tab in the Status Bar instead of separate little windows like it is now.

So I guess that is MY lone request: downloads would show up as separate tabs in the status bar (or a new bar at the bottom) and moving the mouse over top of the tab would show the download progress statistics. Right clicking the tab would allow you to stop the download, pause, etc...


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Post by mrniceguy37 » Thu Jun 01, 2006 9:27 pm

A notepad program for Avant Browser is a great idea and there is a free solution for it call NetSnippets. NetSnippets ( Netsnippets allows you to save any portion of a webpage or the entire webpage itself very easily. While there is no Netsnippets icon or sidebar integrated into Avant all you need to do is hightlight anything then right click and you will see an option to save the information in Netsnippets. Oh and when you go to get Netsnippets from its website be sure to look for the FREE version because for simple note taking of websites thats all you really need.

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