Add an autosave capability for text entered in a web page

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Add an autosave capability for text entered in a web page

Post by mbrazil » Wed Jul 31, 2013 2:46 am

Avant crashes, and especialy rendering-engine crashes, happen frequently enough that it's not unusual to lose work when a crash occurs. Sometimes, it's just a few words in a form, but it can also be a lot of information in a fairly large form or a large quantity of text when you're composing a post on a forum, writing in a blog, etc.

It would be great if Avant had an autosave capability that would save (on a preset time interval) all the text and/or data that's been entered in all the currently open tabs that accept data entry. This capability should include a way for the user to set the autosave interval, and possibly the destination where the autosave data is kept. It should also have a user option that would determine whether the saved data is automatically restored to the same fields/text boxes on the same web pages when Avant or the rendering engine is restarted and the page is reloaded. The best location for these options would be on the Exiting tab in Avant Browser Options, as the autosave function would probably require Automatically Save All Opened Tabs be be enabled for it to function properly.

If the auto-restore function isn't practical, but the autosave function could still be implemented, the option to choose which pages to restore data to could be included in the dialog box displayed for choosing which pages to reopen after an Avant crash. In the case of a rendering-engine crash with no auto-restore capability present, commands could be added to the context menu for the content pane that would 1: Restore User Data to This Page, and 2: Restore User Data to All Pages (only the pages rendered by that engine would be restored). If nothing else, even the ability to open the file the data is saved in with a text editor so you could copy-and-paste the data back into the appropriate page manually would be a big improvement.

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Re: Add an autosave capability for text entered in a web pag

Post by xiaobing » Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:13 am


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