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Mouseless web surfing/Clicking links without mouse

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2005 2:50 pm
by lucy_one
I have RSI syndrome from working too much at the computer, that's why I can't use a regular mouse anymore. To make computer work less painful I try to do everything by keyboard.
Therefore, I love all the keyboard shortcuts with which you can navigate through Avant Browser.

What would really really help me a lot would be a function like that Hit A Hint plugin for Firefox: "Clicking" links by typing a number. I don't want to switch to Firefox just for that plugin.

Or is there already some similar software for IE?
I really appreciate any kind of help in this topic!

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Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2005 4:03 pm
by robc
I'm not too familiar with RSI, but it seems to me that a standard touchpad like that provided in most notebooks (and, I believe, available also for desktops) or an "art" tablet (those with a stylus, just like pencil and paper) should provide different enough hand/wrist movements to allow you to use them without hurting you, at the same time keeping all standard mouse gestures in all applications. Have you already tried such an approach?

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2005 6:06 am
by lucy_one
I have several alternative input devices including a touchpad and a stylus (which I can't use much). Still, a software for clicking links would be helpful. Mouse gestures on the touchpad... sorry, that already sounds painful to me.

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2005 7:13 am
by robc
On my Dell laptop (it uses an Alps device) they're very easy, I can middle-click by tapping on a corner and scroll by dragging a finger on the right side (vor vertical) and on the bottom side (for horizontal), if I weren't so accustomed to a mouse (and thus able to move more precisely, for graphics work) I'd just use the pad. Sorry that didn't help :(

Spatial navigation

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2005 8:03 am
by wilko
Spatial navigation to navigate with the keyboard. Just like the future presented in Opera. I was using avantbrowser for many years but now this feature is presented in an other browser i had to switch. It's important for me and all "RSI" complaining persons to leave the mouse and fully use the keyboard.

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Re: Mouseless web surfing/Clicking links without mouse

Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 11:28 pm
by batagy
Yes, I would nicely see a feature for mouseless browsing! Recently I used the mouse so much that I also have now RSI syndrome. Would be good to eliminate the need of using the mouse.