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Wrong trans in zh-tw.lng! Correct it pls...

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:30 am
by R-way
Ok, it was my bad! As I said that I couldn't find the instance of lblKeepBackupDays_C so that I thought it was #(days) from last backup till now. And it's also used in this latest AB 2010b2.

lblKeepBackupDays_C=距離上次備份日數 <- Never submitted! Only published on my

But after seeing this pic:
I had changed my translation right away. Since it had a number prefix, I took it as [ui]n days quota for backups[/u].

lblKeepBackupDays_C=日備份保存額度 <- I submit by E-mail, too!

Now that it becomes a description with a postfix, as the below:
lblKeepBackupDays_C in AB 2010b2
So it's ought to be the same meaning with a different order of words:

lblKeepBackupDays_C=備份保存日數︰ (I recommend.)

or the same as chs.lng