Things that make no sense

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Things that make no sense

Post by mbrazil » Sun May 05, 2013 12:53 am

Changes in the new Avant UI that make absolutely no sense at all:

These are primarily changes that affect the classic skins in the new UI in Avant 2013.

1. Adding new buttons that cannot be disabled.

2. Enlarging the size of any of the UI components.

3. Removing useful features and functions that users depend on.

4. Reducing configurability in any way whatsoever.

5. Moving the Sidebar and not providing a way to put it back where it belongs.

6. Putting a higher priority on eye candy than functionality and configurability.

7. Wasting valuable time cloning Chrome while ignoring bugs that have existed for a long, long time and should have been fixed long ago, especially focus issues.

8. Wasting valuable time cloning Chrome that could have been applied to optimizing the code in Avant 2012 to improve speed and stability.

9. Designing a new interface that is incompatible with other software that preceded the new version. This includes windows that appear to violate Windows standards and do not behave like any other Windows app.

10. Releasing builds as new versions that are not even stable and complete enough to be acceptable as betas.

11. Failing to consult your user base prior to making changes that would obviously pіss them off.

12. Ruining what used to be the best browser in existence.

Feel free to add to the list. I know I will.

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Re: Things that make no sense

Post by abuser » Sun May 26, 2013 2:47 pm

Special thanks to you mike for detailed testing & reporting!! :clap:

i second you......

couple of most irritating things what i noticed in this (even in few last builds as well) are

1. from options even if you select if closed then minimize to sys tray, instead it exits!!
2. click on history icon it used open a pane left side...having used it for years no i am finding it too tough when the opens right side
3. open a tab visit any site...wait till it loads completely then open another tab in address bar still the URL of previous tab/site appears......this is confusing & irritating
4. delete skin file from avant folder it doesn't makes any changes still you will get to see same icons (skin what you had selected!!)
5. even replacing skin file doesnt makes any difference!!

as you mentioned since nobody asked for any of these UI changes so i dont understand why these were introduced!! is it an experiment with users?
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Re: Things that make no sense

Post by » Fri May 31, 2013 8:11 am

so, i take this opportunity to write some thoughts. i've seen mrbrazil does have many post written like this above.

About one year ago i fully switched from Orca/Avant to FF first and then to PaleMoon. The reason was the more and more bigger and slower getting Avant 2012. and of course the outdatet Orca, esp. the js-engine. I was not the only one who wants to have Orca as it was - just only updated to the new mozilla-engine. In my eyes this would be the perfect browser.

Now i have a nearly fully replacement to Orca/Avant in PaleMoon using some nice AddOns. The only thing i still need is autofill, cause roboform does not work the way it should... but its only a matter of time to configure it right well or find another addon.

i can only suggest to to look out for a new personal browser. The times that Orca/Avant have been no.1, they are fast and stable and using minial ressources are definitely over. sorry to say that.

Otherwise Anderson could use PaleMoon as core for Avant 2012/2013, together with the addon MemoryFox it could be really nice.
But -these are joust my thoughts. :-)

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