A very sad and disappointing trend

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A very sad and disappointing trend

Post by mbrazil » Sat Apr 20, 2013 7:14 pm

My recollection may be a bit off here, but I think it all started with Microsoft's changes to the Office UI. Millions upon millions of MS Office users spent years learning and becoming proficient at using the Office applications, and what did Microsoft reward them with? The Ribbon! With one ill-considered change, Microsoft put its enormous Office user base back almost to square one. I know of quite a few people who jumped ship and went to OpenOffice or some other alternative simply because of the new Office UI.

I've seen the same thing with other apps since then, some well-known and others less so. I don't like to use older versions of most apps, because of the potential for security vulnerabilities. However, in a few cases, I do use earlier versions, since the new user interfaces on the newer versions are visually unpleasant, detrimental to productivity, or otherwise unacceptable. I won't bother with examples here. I'm sure everyone has been dismayed by ill-considered changes to apps they use.

As far as web browsers are concerned, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the UI debacle started with Google's release of Chrome. Like everyone else, I heard so much buzz about Chrome and was bombarded with links and advertising for it pretty much everywhere I went on the web, so I gave it a try. My reaction was pretty much WTF? Where is everything?

So, Google invented the "minimalistic" browser user interface (I'll never forgive them for that), and Microsoft and Mozilla followed their lead with new releases of Internet Explorer and Firefox. The rest is history, and so is the usability of web browsers. If you look around at many of the extensions people have written for Firefox (and probably Chrome, but I haven't checked), they simply restore functionality, configurability, usability, and convenience to the Firefox UI. That alone is proof that these minimalistic UIs are a huge mistake.

I find it extremely sad that Anderson jumped on this ill-fated bandwagon. Avant has meant a lot to me for many years, and to see it degraded, weakened, and devolved is personally painful to me. I am actually hurt and angry over these changes. It's affecting me more than I would have thought, but I guess that's because I use it for so many hours a day, and these changes have made using Avant less pleasant and less satisfying while also reducing my productivity and increasing my level of frustration.

I guess this is just another nail in the coffin for the Windows environment for me. XP has less than a year of support left, Windows 7 isn't worth the effort at this point, and Windows 8 is another abomination. There may be hope in the Linux environment, especially since Linux developers and enthusiasts have always been less focused on eye candy, bells, and whistles and more focused on function and configurability. I haven't started looking into web browsers for Linux yet, but sadly, I guess that time has come.

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Re: A very sad and disappointing trend

Post by AXEMAN » Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:18 pm

I know it has come to this i posted often of this happening it is very sad.

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Re: A very sad and disappointing trend

Post by knockoutrock » Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:44 am

I'm with U mbrazil :clap: =D>

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Re: A very sad and disappointing trend

Post by dakwa » Sun Apr 28, 2013 4:21 am

I know when I started with Orca, I liked the program. But ever sense Advant has taken over, I have watched the program drop in quality. I do not like Chrome or IE either, but may just have to go to one of them. Advantr has become wat to unstable, and I can at least run IE or Chrome with a lot more stability.
It is indeed a sad turn of events.

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Re: A very sad and disappointing trend

Post by creep » Fri Nov 29, 2013 6:26 pm

I agree.

What's the point of a browser if it doesn't do the job - if it makes life more difficult - rather than one that makes life easier.

I'll go for the easier every time.

Office ? I was able to buy Office 2013 for a small sum so I thought I'd try it. It's so dreadful it's never been used since.

What did I put on my newish netbook ? My cheap Office 2013 ? No - Open Office.
Does it have W8 ? Not likely !

What I'll use for an operating system when W7 expires, I don't know.

After Avant ? That's how I got here now. I was again looking around for views on an alternative
Stumbled across this so thought I'd join in the group moan.

I see Flashpeak are going to bring out a new browser in a few months - to be called Slimjet
Slimbrowser is the closest to the proper Avant ... except the skins are ghastly.
Slimjet apparently will be fully functional ... based on the Chromium code base ... sounds familiar
However, I'm optimistic and I'll give it a go in due course.

Have a peep into the future ... http://www.slimbrowser.net/en/forum/vie ... 14&t=97569 or not ...

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