Avant 2013 disappointing

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Avant 2013 disappointing

Post by pkchu520 » Tue Feb 26, 2013 9:50 am

I know Anderson is the only developer for AB. However, instead of fixing urgent problems like CPU overload and video download, he is creating new problems like split view and search engine. What is his excuse?

I have been a loyal AB user/follower since Netcaptor went away and was replaced by Avant Browser. At times I enjoy the inherited UI like Netcaptor (like groups and open new tab next to the original), and new features (like auto fill, split view, and video download).

Since the FF and Chrome engines don’t support Groups, I don’t like to use them. And personally I really don’t like them because of their bookmarks are not compatible with the IE bookmark.

However the last AB updates have been very disappointing and frustrating. Starting from video download not working to increase CPU usage (which slow down the browsing) to now split view problem and missing searching engine setting and URL alias setting, it just gets worse and worse. Who know what the next surprise will be?

I thought by synchronizing to online storage, all my settings are backup securely and can be restored if I want to. And now you tell me that because of the different pane from 2012 to 2013, my setting are gone. I will be surprised if you don’t receive floods of complaints about this new version.

It is my best wish that Anderson will preserve the basic values of AB to retain the user base. Otherwise it will most likely be another Netcaptor which gets abandoned and washed out by FF and Chrome.
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