firefox.exe and plugin-container.exe pagefile usage

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firefox.exe and plugin-container.exe pagefile usage

Post by mbrazil » Tue Jan 29, 2013 5:58 am

Why do firefox.exe and plugin-container.exe consume a lot of space in the paging file when there is plenty of system memory still available? I understand that the amount of memory required by the firefox engine, and especially plugin-container.exe, is significantly affected by the plug-ins and extensions you have installed, but it seems strange that they use so much space in the pagefile when a lot of system memory is still available. For example, right now firefox.exe and plugin-container.exe together are using a bit more than one gigabyte of the paging file (firefox.exe accounts for most of that at almost 1 GB), and of the approximately 3.5 GB of memory available to Windows in my system, over 2 GB is unused. With a few exceptions, these two processes are at the top of the list of those using space in the paging file when Avant is running.

This came to my attention when I was running beta 2, because the paging file usage got so high that other applications were throwing error dialogs complaining about inadequate "storage." When I checked to see what was going on, the only thing I found that was a problem was that the paging file was completely in use (even though I don't allow Windows to manage my paging file, this is the only time I've ever had this happen). Luckily, this runaway usage of the paging file seems to have gone away in beta 3.

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