Will the first 2011 version be the best one ever?

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Will the first 2011 version be the best one ever?

Post by Browser Peeper » Wed Jan 05, 2011 10:16 am

Now that the year is 2011, will the AB versions be named Version 2011 build XXX? If so, maybe the build numbers should start all over again. The 2011 build 1 version should be the absolute "King" of all AB versions ever. Anderson and the development team should test it thoroughly in every way before releasing it. Every function on it should perform flawlessly. Nothing should be taken for granted during the testing. Even the smallest details should be examined thoroughly including the "mouse gestures" which through 2 versions (that I know about) have not functioned consistently. Instead the mouse gestures function maybe 75% of the time. Also attention should be given to the adjoining "Private Mode" which currently does not function any differently than the "regular" version as far as I can tell. My point here is more attention should be given to the development of the next version than has been given in the recent past to previous versions. Most of the so called "2010" versions have been lousy. Exceptions are found in build 128 which, for the most part, is an excellent version except that the mouse gestures do not function consistently and, I discovered recently that the Private Mode isn't any more private than the "regular" mode of AB.
Anderson and your crew, Make the first 2011 version your "crowning" and stellar achievement. Make the first 2011 version so great that cnet.com finally gives AB 5 stars and writes a new and highly complimentary review. I am sure you can do this!

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Re: Will the first 2011 version be the best one ever?

Post by flowrush » Tue Jan 11, 2011 6:19 am

I think it will be hard to make 2011 the best one, but then again this concept is a misnomer because future versions of a product are suppose to be better. You could hope it will be the best release that there has been in a while but you can't possibly expect Mozilla/Chrome integration to make it into the first 2011 version and I myself certainly would not want any releases held up until that can be completed. Avant is what it is, despite what most of the loyal fans had hoped it would be by now - although I think 2011 version will definitely mark a turn towards hopefully fixing most of the remaining bugs and being able to focus on performance again. I think in due time Avant has the potential to become the best but it must first become stable, and then also perform just as good as the standalone FF/Chrome browsers. Also I think breaking up "Avant" into 2 browsers and having to maintain both of those was a bad idea from the getgo and only hindered development as other browsers caught up and Chrome came along. Once Avant can become stable and fast, then more features can be added in and Avant can become what it as in the first place, a great replacement browser with a touch of extra features and customizability that make it ideal among all the other choices.

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Re: Will the first 2011 version be the best one ever?

Post by Jasmine » Wed Jan 12, 2011 3:40 am


Thank you both....We'll carefully test.
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Re: Will the first 2011 version be the best one ever?

Post by darth » Tue Feb 15, 2011 7:48 pm

No the best ever version will always be Avant 11_0 Build 46. No stalling, hang ups. no halfways loads etc. Stability you got it

Of course I am biased, since I use it. LOL
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Re: Will the first 2011 version be the best one ever?

Post by AXEMAN » Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:05 pm

I think the first 2011 version will have all of us testing it.Now having said that it will not be the first 2011 version right away . But i am sure at some point there has to be a stable version. [-o< :think: :)

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