I've been unfaithful with Firefox

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Re: I've been unfaithful with Firefox

Post by Sara » Mon Jun 04, 2007 3:23 pm

At least he didn't say a question for the "help".

Sara :lol:

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Re: I've been unfaithful with Firefox

Post by Tekk » Tue Jun 26, 2007 8:50 am


I too have strayed and taken the Firefox for a spin. It was around April and May, 2007, this time. I haven't test-driven Firefox for a while, probably since it went from beta to version 1, and I was really disappointed. It kept crashing my Windows and making me restart Windows. Firefox 1.5 didn't impress me either, the first time I couldn't move a Tab, I was sick of it enough to almost give up then, if I didn't. With version 2 it was much more stable and didn't keep crashing or freezing up for the most part, unless I had too many Tabs open. With no plugins installed, it was a little faster than Avant at rendering the pages once they've downloaded.

I like Avant because the functionality I need comes already installed. I suppose if I had taken the time and had the patience and put forth the effort, I could have configured and personalized Firefox to have as much, or even more functionality than Avant, as so many other people have said it can be done. I didn't like that plug-ins and extensions were developed by so many different people, and to get all of the detailed specifications of them, you really have to go to the programmers site, and read the complete functionality, and other stuff I wanted to know before installing an extension or plugin. If more than one person develops a plugin that does the same thing, I don't want to just install one without knowing all of the features, reviews, or future development intentions before installing one. Just because one is the most popular because it has been downloaded the most times, doesn't mean it's the one that I am going to like. I still keep forgetting the difference between an extension or a plugin.

I read the Firefox forums over those quickly passing weeks I browsed with it, but I never had time to post about one of the many issues I had. There were so many places to get help, and it was hard for me to know which one I should read for the question I needed answered. There like here, I felt I should at least try to find an answer before asking for help, and most nights I was too tired to register for their forums anyway. I also thought that too many of the Firefox users were condescending and snobbish to the newbies who posted questions in their Forums.

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