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Thanks for update

Posted: Sat May 18, 2019 4:22 pm
by mlgaunnac
Glad to see a new version. It prompted a donation.

Re: Thanks for update

Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 1:27 am
by Nederpietos
Thanks for the update Mr Anderson.

But i would appreciate it if you would check Avant with the firefox engine in Full desktop mode. (please try it with several tabs open and scaling above 100%) With other engines it works well, but with gecko engine not when scaling is above 100%
The Firefox UI is still visible when the Avant UI hides. This bug was also existing in Avant 2018b7. Full screen works fine..edit..sometimes. I´m back to build 2018 b5 now, since that´s the last version it works correctly.
When you fix it, i promise i 'll make a donation :)