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Geolocation - Google Maps

Post by ChristoSmit » Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:33 pm

Some advise please

I cant get my geolocation to work in Avant - Windows 10, using any of the 3 browser engines (Chrome,FireFox or IE). Used to work and I probably broke it but I cant get it working again. Is there perhaps a setting in Avant I am missing. No websites can geolocate me when I use Avant, I just use Google maps for now to test.

If I use the real Edge, Chrome or IE browsers the geolocation works just fine but not via Avant.

Location services and all windows 10 features are on.
I could not find any place where Avant could be blocked.
I have cleared all internet cache and history. even the IE settings cleared sites under location.
The chrome privacy settings and location is enabled also IE from within Avant.
I have followed the advice Google maps give on site for IE and Chrome to enable this for browsers when it is not working but nothing was wrong.
I have tried disabling location services and browsers settings and then re-enabling everything also rebooting afterwards.

Even when accessing Google maps via chrome engine in AB and it asks to allow the site to access my location and i give it permission it does not work.

Since the rest of browsers all work except Avant I am stumped, I have never really gone out of may way to block sites or apps so there was no fiddling in registry for example.

Any advice would be much appreciated

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