want to start from scratch

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want to start from scratch

Post by jwoodin » Thu Sep 05, 2013 2:42 pm

long time avant user and this is just odd - about a month ago I downloaded on a new machine at home - logged in and VOILA all of my home pages (etc) were right there - just as in past and just like my work machine (VERY vanilla install on both). Last week the update hit my work machine and tabs are in different places and I can not find anything I use to do - SO - I thought I should just un-install but re-installing still results in nothing good... so how do I get rid of Avant 100% then get things like they use to be? I have also tried re-installing older versions I still had on my machine - and can not figure out how to get everything gone... thanks for your expertise.

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Re: want to start from scratch

Post by mbrazil » Thu Sep 05, 2013 6:45 pm

1. Uninstall Avant using the free version of Revo Uninstaller in its Advanced mode (http://www.revouninstaller.com/start_fr ... nload.html).

2. Search your computer for Avant and delete anything you find (Revo will probably get everything, but it doesn't hurt to check).

3. Download the version/build of Avant you prefer (http://avant.it-mate.co.uk/?c=Download&f=Avant_Browser), and reinstall.

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