How do you move the whole sidebar in Build 107?

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Re: How do you move the whole sidebar in Build 107?

Post by mynamehere » Fri May 10, 2013 1:33 am

schar07 wrote:Sorry, i got you were searching for status bar too, while you were interested in side bar only
The status bar was there since I use an old skin. I just couldn't find the sidebar.
schar07 wrote:I've had the Favourites sidebar permanently on for years - and on the left.

Just installed 107 - it's on the right - I don't want it there.

I can't move it, so I close it to see if that helps ....

No, can't bring it back now.

107 is coming off right now ! :thumbdown:

Please stop wasting your time improving it worse !
Yeah, the splitter bar doesn't seem to show anymore, but in the bottom right corner is an arrow to open the sidebar. I prefer the splitter bar button myself.

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