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Review of 7-Max

Post by cdysthe » Wed Aug 15, 2007 6:48 pm


There's a free program called 7-Max which adds to the existing memory management in your OS on a per application basis. You either run a program with 7-Max or you don't. The effect is bigger on programs using a lot of memory and resources in general.

Earlier versions of 7-Max were a little tricky to run since you, among other things, had to have your boot.ini edited for it to work. However, in the latest version (v5 Beta) you do not need to change any configurations, you simply install it and then choose from the programs context menu to run it with 7-Max.

Since it's free and doesn't require any heavy configuration of your system there's probably people out there who would benefit from running 7-Max with some of their programs.

Please note that the latest version of 7-Max only works with Windows 2003 / XP x64 / Vista. If you are running other flavors if Windows than that you would have to use earlier version which are a bit more cumbersome to deal with and not as good.

I have seen great performance improvement on a few of the programs I use.

You'll find 7-Max here:

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P.S. I dissagree moving this to software reviews. This was initially a posting on how to run Avant better. And used as an add-on to Avant just like Robo-Form or a toolbar would be it was more than a software review. I have removed all references to Avant in it turing into what it should be in this part of the forums: A software review. It's wasn't before, it is now.

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